Craniofacial & Cranioplastic Treatments

Mr Hyam is neurosurgeon to the Adult Craniofacial Unit at University College London Hospitals. He works closely with pioneering Plastics and Maxillofacial surgeons who may form part of your assessment and surgical team.

Head & Skull defects after surgery

Defects after surgery such as depressions or asymmetry can occur. Mr. Hyam and the team use a variety of techniques to smoothen the appearance. This includes custom-made implants, muscle reattachments and soft tissue reconstruction.  Large defects after life-saving brain surgery often require careful neurosurgical protection of the brain whilst a robust implant is inserted to restore head shape and provide life-long protection. Bespoke implants based on 3-dimensional CT scanning are made using computer-aided design and 3D printing technology to allow contouring tailored to the individual.  

Developmental Skull Deformity

Skull shape deformity due to premature fusion of sutures in the skull during early life is called  craniosynostosis. These are mostly corrected in childhood but sometimes further treatment is required as an adult. Mr. Hyam and the team provide a multidisciplinary approach to these adult needs.

Correction of Head Shape

A range of head shape problems can be addressed. These include narrow or wide head width, prominent ridging or bossing, and depression or flattening.  Several benign conditions can cause progressive change in head contours such as osteoma and fibrous dysplasia.  Treatment often includes resculpting of bone contours by fine drilling or insertion of bespoke implants.