Mr Hyam's Research 

Research interests

  1.    Advancing safety for patients undergoing cranial and spinal surgery
  2.      Gamma knife radiosurgery
  3.      Enhancing outcomes in deep brain stimulation
  4.      Novel MRI and tractography image-guided brain surgery


Mr. Hyam’s research has been published in high profile international medical journals including The Lancet, Nature Reviews Neurology, and The Lancet Neurology. 

Selected Publications

Lancet 2009   

NICE head injury guidelines pre-empted two millennia ago. 

Hyam JA, Green AL, Aziz TZ.

Nature Reviews Neurology 2012   

The effects of deep brain stimulation on the autonomic nervous system. 

Hyam JA, Kringelbach ML, Silburn P, Aziz TZ, Green AL.

Lancet Neurology 2015   

Bilateral globus pallidus stimulation for severe Tourette’s syndrome: a double-blind, randomized cross-over trial.   Kefalopoulou Z, Zrinzo L, Jahanshahi M, Candelario J, Milabo C, Beigi M, Akram H, Hyam J, et al.

Neurosurgery 2012   

Controlling the lungs via the brain: a novel neurosurgical method to improve lung function in humans.   

Hyam JA, Brittain JS, Paterson DJ, Davies RJO, Aziz TZ, Green AL.

Brain 2012 

A spatiotemporal analysis of gait freezing and the impact of pedunculopontine nucleus stimulation. Thevathasan W, Cole MH, Graepel CL, Hyam JA, et al.

Neurology 2011   

Depiction of the principles of human motion 2 millennia ago by Lucretius.

Hyam JA, Paterson DJ, Aziz TZ, Green AL.

Brain 2012  

Alpha oscillations in the pedunculopontine nucleus correlate with gait performance in parkinsonism. Thevathasan W, Pogosayan A, Hyam JA, et al.

Critical Care 2006   

Case mix, outcomes and comparison of risk prediction models for admissions to adult, general and specialist critical care units for head injury: a secondary analysis of the ICNARC Case Mix Programme Database.    

Hyam JA, Welch CA, Harrison DA, Menon DK.

Brain 2011  

A block to pre-prepared movement in gait freezing, relieved by pedunculopontine nucleus stimulation. Thevathasan W, Pogosayan A, Hyam JA, et al.

Annals of Neurology 2012  

Switching off micturition using deep brain stimulation at midbrain sites. Green AL, Stone E, Sitsapesan H, Hyam JA, et al.

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