An Expert Opinion for People with Spine and Brain Conditions

Assessment & Treatment at world-renowned facilities in London

Mr Jonathan Hyam

Brain Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Craniofacial Surgeon, Spine Surgeon and Back Pain Specialist 

Spinal conditions

Back pain, sciatica, prolapsed disc within the neck or lower spine, spinal stenosis

Cranial conditions:

Meningioma, other Brain Tumours, Trigeminal neuralgia / Glossopharyngeal neuralgia / Facial pain, Hydrocephalus

Deep Brain Stimulation & Gamma Knife Radiosurgery:

Parkinson's disease, Dystonia, Tremor

Craniofacial & Cranioplastic Surgery:

Reconstruction of head shape after surgery/injury

Peripheral nerve conditions

Carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve compression


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